“I have been at Homelands for the past 4 ½ years and would not have my horse anywhere else. Ben and his team of staff do an amazing job with the horses and every need for horse and owner is catered for, this is a god send when you work long hours and can very rarely be there for the farrier or vet visits etc. Nothing is ever too much trouble and even last-minute changes can be catered for where possible.”

“I cannot recommend Homelands highly enough as moving my mare there in 2014 was the best decision I have made. She is cared for by a team of dedicated professionals who have a genuine concern for her welfare and for whom nothing is too much trouble. She has thrived under the structured routine, quality feed and year-round turn out on well managed pasture; the facilities are second to none and having the Ben and Jo living on site gives me added security. I never worry about Fleur when I am away as I know that the Homelands team will notice any issue and will deal with it appropriately.”

“Homelands is a very professional livery yard yet everyone is so friendly and helpful. We were made to feel very welcome!”

“Homelands offers top quality care for your horse and a warm, friendly atmosphere for you.  Whatever your interest; happy hacker or competition rider you will feel at home here with all the support and help you could wish for.”


“As a trainer, Ben makes lessons both interesting and fun, always tailoring the session to ensure a positive outcome no matter what mood my horse (moody mare in my case!) and I, are in on the day. It is clear that he loves teaching and by combining a huge amount of knowledge with excellent communication skills, he instills confidence and takes genuine pleasure in seeing us progress.”

“I have had lessons with both Ben and Jo and can honestly say they are both lovely – they quickly work out what you and the horse are capable of so the lesson is suited to you perfectly so you don’t feel under pressure or inadequate!!”

“Me and my ex-racehorse have been having regular lessons over the last 7 months with Ben. He has taken us from prelim dressage through to Novice which recently we won our championships in. Now we are just about to compete at Elementary level. I can’t believe the difference in my horse in such a short time. Ben is a very patient and understanding instructor and would recommend him highly.”

Cross Country Training

“I discovered the pinnacle of cross country training at Homelands Equestrian, the best facility in the South East to prepare horses for novice level and above.  Ben managed to transform the place into a great playground for the horses. 

My top horses didn’t run much this year but all they needed was to school there a few times and then go straight to 3*/4*. Definitely the way forwards for me!”

Tintin Van Rijckevorsel