Livery & Training Vacancies

31-May-2019 18:53
in General
by Admin

With the sunshine beaming, great weather and longer days we are now able to offer taking in horses for training through June to August and some livery vacancies will be coming available from 1st July 2019. 

Training Livery - We offer Full livery with a complete training program for young horses to educating competition horses for Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping from only £40 per day.

Full Livery - Our Full livery covers all your horses needs, from turn out to catch in, grooming, tack cleaning and the best quality Keyflow Feeds and the highest grade shavings along with our own sweet meadow hay. We offer extras such as exercise and schooling, walker, solarium options and our facilities include a 20x60 school, jump field with a course of jumps and some cross country fences for training and direct off road hacking. We have plenty of grazing on our summer turnout rotine where the horses are out at night and in during the day. Full livery starts at £600 pcm

All yard viewings are appointment only so please email to arrange a viewing.

Spaces are limited.